Peace Knot Bombs

Kathrin Winkler, retired teacher, grandmother, and member of Nova Scotia Voice of Women for Peace, shared the story of the PEACE KNOT BOMBS banner, a response of more than 50 women from sea to sea to sea, as a protest to the arms industry and “war washing”. Beyond the language of war there is endless spending on arms while millions of innocent lives are lost to suffering and death. Many women worked remotely on the peace banner and mailed sections to each other to be worked on.

Members of the Raging Grannies, MMIWG, Muslim Women’s Group and others worked on the banner, which displays a large dove hovering over the ground where bombs are falling. The feathers of the bird are embroidered in English and Arabic and carry the names and ages of 38 Yemeni children killed by a bomb attack in August 2018. Of the 76 people wounded, at least 40 were children, when a Lockheed Martin bomb hit their school bus on a school trip. Read the story and see the banner at this link: . We must create better systems of care for each other. Violence against violence led to the death of these children. It is a shameful, grievous shadow on us all.

Kathrin provided us each with a postcard of the banner to send to our political representative, expressing our views on Canada’s military spending.