Canadian Healthcare Workers Rally for Gaza

Of the many rallies for Gaza, this Rally stood out for its unique presentations by Canadian
physicians and other healthcare workers who have served in Gaza. They have been deeply
impacted by the difficult and impoverished conditions for carrying out critical surgeries and
other medical interventions, by serving alongside exhausted local doctors, by the bombings of
hospitals, by the overwhelming number of deaths of innocent people, particularly women and
children. Their testimonies were poignant and emotional, evoking the horror and suffering in
Gaza. They called for more humanitarian aid rather than supply of arms.
Their presentations were followed by a “Die-In Action” where these physicians and other
healthcare workers lay out on the ground as the many dead whom they have witnessed and
whose lives they have failed to save. Red blood was spattered on their medical white coats and
on the ground around them. 15 minutes of silence were held to take this in emotionally and to
honour the dead.

Powerful signs with statistics of the grave and unjust healthcare issues in Gaza surrounded the
area of the Rally.
Mary-Ellen Francoeur of Pax Christi Toronto was present at this Rally and was invited to join in
the Die-In.